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You've been doing this training/nutrition thing for a while now. You're either bored and/or you've reached your first set of goals. Now what? Remind yourself of the reasons you want and need to keep with it. And then set new goals to keep it interesting.....

BORED WITH THE SAME OLD EXERCISES? Then don't keep doing the same old exercises. Spice it up. Read magazines to get some new ideas and incorporate them into your training, like FLEX.
REMEMBER: Challenge the mind, challenge the body.

INTENSITY TIPS. Sometimes you just need to find something to get back that intensity. You may need to strengthen your mind, or you may need to train harder (not necessarily longer). Here are some intensity tips:

Visualizing where I want to be
* This one you can do every day. Visualize where you want to be and how you want to look for a few minutes each morning before you even get out of bed. Knowing that training and nutrition will help get you there will motivate you.

* Visualize yourself like a robot lifting weights -- perfect form, perfect rhythm. Rock Climbing!

* Visualize yourself winning that marathon (while you're on the treadmill), or climbing the mountain (while you're on the stepper), or winning the gold (while you're on the rowing machine).

* On occasion, do your weight-training exercises super-slow.

* On occasion, do a giant set. An example for shoulders could be: 10-12 reps of overhead dumbbell presses, then 10-12 reps of side laterals, then 10-12 reps of dumbbell upright rows. No resting in between! These really burn.

1, 2,...100! * On occasion, do a 50 or 100 rep set. Start with a weight that you can do 8-10 reps. With no rest, pick up a lighter weight and do as many reps as you can with it. With no rest, pick up an even lighter weight and do as many reps as you can with it. Keep going until you reach 50. Or do push-ups or pull-ups until you reach 100. Whew!

HELPING OTHERS. Isn't it cool when someone notices you're in shape and ask you how you do it? I think it's very motivating and rewarding to talk to people about training and nutrition. Helping others will not only change their life, but yours as well. Take the time to talk to others who are interested, and help them get started and keep going. Knowing others see how it has affected your life in a positive way makes you want to continue to work hard and try new things. It's ultimately up to them, but you can play an important role and make a difference.

HAPPY WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK AND FEEL, BUT FEAR THE MONOTONY OF KEEPING THE SAME EXERCISE SCHEDULE FOREVER? I think it's great to get to a point where you look and feel great--it is an awesome sense of well-being. It is a joy to be around people like this because they just exude energy, confidence, and happiness. But be careful not to become complacent. Remember--this is now a part of your life. Set new goals to continually challenge yourself. Also, even if you are completely happy with the way you look and feel, your body is always changing, and so must your exercise and nutrition program.


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