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Good nutrition supports muscle growth

To keep your body in an optimal state for building muscle, here are a few tips to focus on. You have to have some muscle before you can maintain it! This should be done with consistent weight training sessions along with a couple of light cardio sessions a week, over an 8-12 week period.

EAT ENOUGH OF THE RIGHT KINDS OF FOODS. You have to eat ENOUGH, but it also has to be the right kinds of foods. To build muscle, you have to consume plenty of protein and carbs, with moderate fat. It should be spread out over 5-6 meals (about every 3 hours). If your body is not supplied with enough calories to support existing muscle (let alone build new muscle), it will break down muscle to support your body's functions. Using the easy-to-follow reference (which is more a maintenance guideline), add about 10-15% more carbohydrates to most of your meals. Consider bumping up your protein intake instead of your carbs for periods of time too. You should be getting between 1-2g protein per lb bodyweight, and can adjust carbs up or down based on your progress. Choose a variety of protein sources, including lean beef a few times per week.

KEEP WELL-HYDRATED. This is a basic, but is important to keep your muscles well-hydrated with water so you can train hard and keep your muscles pumping!

DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Consistently skipping meals or trying to make up for them at the next sitting will slow your muscle-building progress.

Convenient and EffectiveUSE MEAL REPLACEMENT POWDERS. Meal Replacement Powders are an excellent alternative when you don't have the time to make or find a meal consisting of whole foods. It should have approx. 40-50g protein, 25-30g carbs, and a few grams of fat.

EAT A HIGH-CARB / MODERATE PROTEIN MEAL IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING. Your body has depleted its glycogen stores and is ready to absorb as many nutrients as it can. This will help your muscles grow and recover faster.

CONSUME AN EASILY DIGESTIBLE MEAL BEFORE BED. A Protein Drink or Meal Replacement Powder would be a good choice. This will keep the muscle-building process working while you're sleeping. (Muscles do not grow while you're training, but for the next 24 - 48 hours afterwards--with proper nutrition.)


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