1. Provide training and nutrition information in a down-to-earth and fun-to-read way, showing that the benefits are both physical and mental. Will fitness solve everything? No ... but it really can make a HUGE difference in life. It is one of the few things you alone can control.

2. For enjoyment and motivation, display all sorts of photos with various themes and locations, to show that a fit body can be fascinating, entertaining, beautiful, and rewarding. RAGBRAI was a great start for this. And why not have fun with it?!

My motto and logo were created to support my mission.

You can look great (SEXY!) , AND you can do things that you weren't able to do before or never thought possible (FUNCTIONAL!).

Make the body and mind connection. When you strengthen your body, you strengthen your mind. If both are working at YOUR optimal level, life can be exciting and fulfilling.

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