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State of the Physique NOTE: Click on links below for photos and hit your browser's BACK button to return to this journal page.    My friends get ALL the credit for the great pictures. Thank you, thank you!!

04/04 thru 04/11 - What a weekend! This was the first time I was going to meet a group of friends I've communicated with on a message board for almost 2 years, to fly to a competition, and to visit Oregon and Washington. The Winners' Circle captured the theme of the whole trip. Three of us were competing and 8 others from the group came out to party and support us. Each person played a key role in the success (and fun!) of the weekend. Now that I've connected with my friends in person, it makes the message board come alive that much more. I can't wait til our next get together. Now, on to the events!!

While still at home on Thursday (4/1), I was running up and down the stairs before my flight trying to decide how to pack my food/supplements, competition bag, clothes, camera, and whatever else crossed my mind. Rock! Security at the airport gave me a weird look as they were going through my suitcase of supplements and wild outfits. When I explained, they still looked at me funny, but I made it through. As I sat in the airport with my headphones on, I kept envisioning how we would meet and how the competition would be. Little did I realize how fulfilling this journey would be.

I arrived in Portland, Oregon (only 15 miles from Vancouver, WA) at 10pm. I called my friend and fellow competitor Kim on my cell phone and she picked me up at the airport. There was just a brief, tentative pause, but then we picked up our conversation about the competition and other things based on our last posts. We stayed at a 4-star hotel in downtown Portland (thank you, Priceline). I was one of the last to arrive, so the others were all waiting at the hotel for us. We hugged and then chatted until we couldn't stay awake. Everyone had already picked who they were going to sleep with, so there were no first date jitters...:)

On Friday, my other fellow competitor Jan and I put on our suits and did a little posing practice in the hotel room. When others arose, we walked downtown for breakfast (well, Jan and I watched and only sipped water at this point...). We had these cool T-shirts made just for this occasion. After breakfast, it was off to the store and Kim's house so I could cook up my meals for Saturday. Smells of Mrs. Dash chicken and sweet potatoes spread through the house; I had to protect them with my life. Afterwards, we were all off to the local gym for a workout and more posing practice. At one point, we had a 'posing' seminar with everyone. "What's a Lat Spread anyway?" Joan asked. What fun. Check-in for the competition was Friday night. I weighed in at 123; I was happy with my conditioning and was 11 pounds heavier than my last show almost 2 years ago. Yeah--more muscle, baby!! We had a cookout at Kim's Friday evening. We checked our abs to decide how many carbs to have with our meal. We competitors pooped out early, although ended up staying up at the hotel and chatting with the last arrival from our group; she is a national bodybuilding competitor who had been helping all along and would be backstage Saturday. Good stuff!

Bright and early Saturday morning, my roommate for the weekend french-braided my hair, while competitor Jan and a couple others joined us in the room. Then I had 3 people bowing at my feet, putting on Dream Tan and slapping it in. Oh man, did we have good laughs over this process! They told me my abs looked better when I laughed. When we were sufficiently bronzed, we grabbed our bags and headed to Vancouver. We met Kim there and went to the competitors' meeting. As luck(?) would have it, both of their numbers were called for the random polygraph testing. Might as well experience everything with their first competition, eh? Of course they passed, but it cut their time a little close to put on the finishing touches before going on stage. We were quickly rubbing Dream Tan on Kim and adjusting the suit moments before her class was called. She and Jan looked great and did absolutely wonderful in their presentation and poses. I could totally feel what they were going through and was so happy to be doing it together. They came off stage with a sense of relief mixed with exuberance, and the adrenaline rush had kicked in.

I was in the Open Division, which was near the end of the schedule. I had to wait while the other divisions of Figure, Fitness, Masters, Novice, and Mixed Pairs went first. There were close to 120 competitors total. I watched some, hung out backstage some, and just tried to 'chill'; I was getting a bit antsy though. Because of the many divisions and relatively small number of female bodybuilders, the open division did not have many competitors this year. Last year they did, but this year they were mostly in the novice and masters divisions. In fact, I was the only open middleweight, so I won my class--woohoo! Just had to compete against my alter ego. They let me go through the mandatory poses with the lightweights. I would have liked to have more competition because that is part of the fun, but even just meeting my goal and stepping on stage is a rush. Seeing my friends in the audience, and hearing them cheer and yell: "Laugh, Lynn, to bring out your abs!" and "Yeah, you hit it!" is a great feeling.

Now, with everyone on a natural high, we were ready to hit the town for a few fun pictures. Hee Hee. We drove back to the hotel with the sunroof off and bikini tops on. We walked around in our bikinis taking different pictures wherever they struck us. I think we were quite the spectacle. I did a little directing traffic, and we tried not to get too tempted by the water fountains. We ended up almost getting a ticket from a policeman walking by, but we managed to get out of it. The others from our circle of friends had gone out for lunch, and we just happened to meet them at a street corner. So, now the group of us did a few more fun shots around town before getting ready for the evening show. What a riot! We met Extremo the Clown, and a reporter from the weekly newspaper stopped us wondering what we were doing. She took down our names and took some pictures. We're still waiting to see if we make the paper.

We went back the hotel to grab our stuff and head back to the Auditorium. It's amazing how relaxed we were compared to the morning pre-judging. Pro bodybuilders Valentina Chepiga and Melvin Anthony were there to guest pose--way cool (for us bodybuilding geeks). I sat in the back of the auditorium and enjoyed the show until it was my turn to go on. Jan placed 4th in the Figure Division and Kim placed 5th in the Novice Bodybuilding Division. They both have come a long way, and a feeling of satisfaction and pride in accomplishing such a goal was evident and well-deserved. It really is an intense process, if you give it your all. It is the culmination of all these weeks of discipline, training, keeping to schedule, and pushing yourself past self-imposed limits.

Now it was my turn to do my posing routine. Both Jan and Kim had changed and were on cloud nine (as well they should be). They came back as I had my headphones on trying to decide on some last minutes changes to my routine. What can I say--my friends inspired me! I always practice my routine a lot (as I have very little rhythm) and don't deviate from my planned poses and transitions. Well...this time would be different; I felt like doing something out of the ordinary for me. My routine was a medley of old sitcom theme music created by my brother; he played the electric guitar, programmed the drums, and put it all together. It started out with a slow, echoing version of Gilligan's Island where I posed seriously; then with a static break, switched to a rock version of the Addams Family (snap, snap!); then it was cut-off by the old TV version of the Brady Bunch: "Here's a story of a lovely lady...." Say What?! Let's jazz this thing up; that's right, jammin' to the Brady Bunch. (Here is my posing music in .mp3 format. Check it out!). I ran back to one of the motorcycles displayed on the stage, put on my sunglasses conveniently placed on the seat and tried to act cool. Then I jumped back to center stage to finish my routine! Boy, that was fun. I could see all my friends smiling and clapping.

The Overall Comparison of the different classes in the Women's Open Division (Light, Middle, Heavy) took place next. We went through our mandatories and then they turned on some music for the final posedown. I was still having a ball. The heavyweight won the overall, but I still felt great about the evening and the condition I was in. My friends made me feel so special--even gave me a couple of cards they signed before the show which rather choked me up. It was late, but we finished up the evening with a wonderful and quiet dinner out with the whole group of us back in downtown Portland. We talked about everything and anything, and went through the digital pictures. We crashed late. I felt like I had just closed my eyes when Jan's husband quietly knocks to give us a wake-up call for Sunday brunch (which was awesome, by the way). We hung out at the park in the afternoon and hit a Rhythm and Blues Club that evening. Some had to leave Sunday, but there were still 7 of us left. Picture us girls looking cool (OK, only 3 in this pic, but we were all cool!).

Another night of little sleep and I was headed back to the airport for an early flight. I was sore (from the competition), tired (from no sleep!), hoarse (from yelling over the music), a tad melacholy (from having to leave), and thoroughly content! What a blast!

Don't forget to check out the Photo Gallery too. It contains a lot of these photos here, but more contest photos as well.

While I'm at this point, I will be doing another contest closer to home on May 1st. So, it's back to training hard and my comp diet for a little while longer. It will be interesting to see what changes the next few weeks bring. My family will be there this time and hopefully a little more competition. But it's all good. And I believe we may have just enough time to come up with another creative posing routine. I think I'll keep my journal going til then, but then I'll take a little summer break after that.

NUTRITION - (approx. 200-210g protein, 60-80g carbs, 40-45g fat  -or- 55%-20%-25% of 1400-1500 cals.)
1 Lean Out 20 minutes prior to Meals 3 thru 6, 3 Ultra 40 Liver Tablets with Meals 2 thru 6, 2 Muscularity BCAA caps with Meals 3 thru 6.
 Meal 1
5g glutamine, 3 7-Keto Musclean, & 1 scoop Mass Maker (before most weight workouts), 12 Muscle Mass BCAA tablets (during workout), 5g creatine (after workouts)
 Meal 2
3 oz. Ground Turkey Breast, 3 egg whites, 1/2 grapefruit or 1/2 cup oatmeal, Vitamin Pak
 Meal 3
2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 tsp peanut Power Butter
 Meal 4
5-6 oz Chicken Breast or Turkey Breast, spinach or broccoli or asparagus, 3-4 oz sweet potato (1/2 the time), 3 Flax Seed Caps
 Meal 5
2 scoops Muscle Provider, few frozen strawberries, 1 tsp all-natural peanut butter
 Meal 6
6 oz can White Tuna, 3 cups Spinach Salad (with broccoli, cucumbers, radishes, peppers, celery, green onions), 1 TBS Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar
NOTES: Post-Contest Sunday & Monday - few restaurant meals and Gene's Ice Cream when I got home Monday night! Yum...
Saturday (4/10) - Restaurant (in place of Meal 6) - Grilled Salmon, sweet potato, green beans
Days off after contest while still in Portland and flying back.
Front Lat Pulldowns (50-60) 4 12
Dumbbell BentOver Rows (35-45) 4 10-12
Parallel Grip Cable Rows (80-100) 4 12-15
Straight Arm Pulldowns (50) 4 10-12
Rope Pushdowns (20-30)4 12-15
Dips 3 10
Seated 1-arm Dumbbell Extension (15-20) 4 8-11
Standing Partial Cleans (40-50)410-12
1 Arm Side Laterals (10-15) 4 10-12
Reverse Pec Dec (20) 3 10
Seated Overhead Machine Press (30) 4 10-12
1 Leg Standing Calf Raises (20) 3 12
Hanging Leg Raises 3 12
Machine Crunches (40)412-15
Vertical Leg Raises 4 12
Standing Twists 3 30
Vacuums (hold for 10 secs) 3 -
CARDIO - Treadmill--incline, 20 minutes
Hack Squats (70-160) 412-15
Smith Machine Sumo Squats (50-60) 3 15
1-Leg Leg Press (70-80) 4 12-15
1-Leg Leg Extension (25-30) 4 15
HyperExtension for Hamstrings (hold!)3 12
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (35)3 12
Lying Leg Curls (30)3 10
Calf Press (250) / superset with Seated Calf Raises (70) 4 15-18/15
Incline Barbell Press (70-90) 410-12
Dumbbell Flyes (20-30) 4 10-12
Seated Machine Press (50) / superset with Kneeling Low Cable Crossover (10) 4 12/10
Incline Dumbbell Curls (20) 3 12
Standing Cable Curls (50-60) 3 12-15
High Cable Curls (20) 3 12
1 Arm Concentration Curls (15-20) 3 10-12
Seated Side Laterals (10) 3 12
Kneeling Rope Crunches (50)412-15
Hip Lifts 4 12
Incline Crunches 4 12
Vacuums (hold for 10 secs) 10 -
CARDIO - Treadmill--incline, 20 minutes

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