December 2003 Journal

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Lots of info to look thru... 12/07 - And it begins again! Everyone should try this journal thing--quite enlightening for sure. I'll start writing down my training and nutrition beginning this week (as well as taking more creative pictures).

I'm having a hard time truly committing to anything lately. Sure, I get thru the day and fulfill all my family responsibilities, but nothing really driving me. I don't like that feeling. I'm a goal setter in search of a goal! At one point in my life, work as a computer programmer was my life and really drove me. Now, not so much; I still want to do a good job but it's not my life, just pays for it. Winter's hereMy family will always be a big part of my life, and I want to be there for them--fixing good meals, planning special trips, supporting the kids in sports/school, wearing sexy things for my husband... But I'd also like to take another ISSA Fitness Education Course and help people get fit. I truly believe being physically healthy carries over to being mentally healthy. I'm considering doing a bodybuilding contest in May. Also, I'm planning a couple photo sessions in the next few months; these will keep me honest. My focus is just not quite there yet, but I'm sure it will come as I figure out what goals strike me. I've dug out all my favorite books and been hitting my favorite websites. Just taking it one day at a time right now.

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