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Check out this too! ==>   'Weekly Journal - April 11, 2004'.

Photo Credits: Our Winners' Circle of Friends!

Friday morning at the Hotel
Posing Practice at the Gym I've Got Abs! To Bronze or
Not To Bronze
Jan -
Kim -
Me -
Front Double Biceps Side Chest Comparison Back Double Biceps
The Three Muscleteers! Driving Back to the Hotel Hot Mama #1 Hot Mama #2 And Me Clowning Around...
Someone Had to Direct Traffic Busted Again! Just a Little Drink... Stairway to Heaven Help Me...
Jan -
4th Place Figure Tall
Kim -
5th Place Novice Heavyweight
Posing Routine 1st Place -
Open Middleweight
Overall Comparison
Ab Pose Valentina Chepiga and Kim Paris Hilton and
'The Matrix' Woman
Our Team of Friends! Charlie's Angels

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