Archive #13
Alabama - Spring Break 2003 with the kids

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Hey, is that WHITE bread?! They want to grow up to be well drillers.
Mom made us wear our caps. I REALLY miss my husband!
Guess what we're having for dinner? I'm not cleaning it!
They wouldn't stop and pose for me, though. Can we get an island, Dad?
Can we get an island, Dad?
This is so cool. Gotta love decks on rooftops.
What's with the faces?! Now give us our $5, Mom.
If only I had a jar to take 100 of them home. I've always wanted to be shot out of a cannon.
Being goofy again. 
I wonder where they get it from. On our way to find birds and turtles.
Sure, corn fields are beautiful, but 
give me a beach and palm trees any day. This is the life.

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